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The Cider Tree at the Coach & Horses has been lovingly stripped from it’s old plastered interior and completely renovated turning back the clock to a 15th century cider house, providing the perfect atmosphere to enjoy some truly remarkable ciders.

We believe that the best way to get the best ciders is by word of mouth from our customers, comrades and friends, and we are keen to hear of your cider or perry drinking experiences and recommendations to further our range and extend the quality of experience we hope to provide.

We have at least 14 taps on at all times with a wide range of Ciders and Perrys, local and from around the country, and 20 bottles of Ciders and Perrys from classics to mixed fruit infusions.

From the tree, to the brewery to the barrel to your glass, we believe in keeping the age old tradition of the Cider Apple alive and quenching our thirsts for years to come!

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