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The Cider Tree begins production of its very own Cider


From the first Cider house in Gloucester to the first City Centre Cidery in the Country. The Cider Tree has started production of it's very own Cider.


Paul Soden has gone to great lengths to source the produce and eqiupment for the Cidery to keep it as traditional as possible. The Apples are currently being pressed and left to ferment in tanks ready for the first pint (of 12,000) to be ready for consumption in May 2015

The Apples


Using only local Apples & Pears sourced from Gloucester and Upton Upton Severn, we have used a range of eating and Cider Apples using a secret blend that the master Cider maker does not want to reveal. In total there are 9 different Apples and there will be 6 different Ciders.

The Press


Sourced all the way from Austria the Voran Apple Press is a traditional machine, that not only presses the Apples but it also has a built in scratter that will reduce the Apples into the juiciest pulp for pressing.

The Washing Of The Apples


We have 15tonnes of Apples that all need to be hand washed before scratting. a laborious task but one of the most important to ensure the tastiest Cider.

The Scratting


The fun stage of filling the hopper with apples to get smashed between two woooden blocks against a spinning spindle lined with aluminium metal strips. Messy and fun but demands a whole lot of respect!

Building The Cheeses


Once the scratter has pulped the Apples The cheeses need to be built for pressing. This part must be doen with carefully ensuring each cheese is packed as much as possible to ensure an even press to get the most juice possible.

Pressing The Apples


Once the Apples have been pulped and the cheeses have been built it's time to press! The amount of juice we get from each press depends on how well the cheeses were built. We need the most even and flattest press possible for the best juice yield.

The Fermentation


Now the juice is pumped into vessels and left to ferment. There are some other parts to the process, however they are a secret so we'll just leave you with a picture of Martin trying the juice.

The Fermentation Vessels


Here is where the patience is all that is needed after some carefull bits of science. In May we will try the first sup of Cider.

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